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Acer Liquid Gallant E350 stockrom

below the direct link to download stockrom (firmware) file from google driver or oneclouddriver or ....
stockrom contains flash tools , driver and tutorials ...

Download :

How to flash ?

Step 1: Install the USB drivers on your computer from Acer. Note: If you get stuck or unable to APX mode * mode, install the usb driver and memory is installed the latest drivers.

APX mode: diagnostic mode and low-level programming devices for devices based on the NVIDIA Tegra platform.

Step 2: prerequisite you must have before making regardless of what followed must have “CPUID”. How to get CPUID, you use flasher APX Blackthun3er v0.4 tool will automatically provide information and fill in SBK * if you’ve used it before.

SBK-Secure Boot Key: Lock security boot – a feature that only allows software manufacturers specify devices running on the device, the software will not run on the device.

Step 3: Now you go get your SBK either use this tool to retrieve.

Step 4: Make sure you’ve got the ICS ROM on your device to install flash after the first ICS bootloader
After 04 prepared above steps, it’s time to check the number SBK

Step 5: On the mode APX mode

Step 6: Install ICS Bootloader

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