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Alcatel OT Pixi 3 3G 9002X stockrom

Alcatel OT Pixi 3 3G 9002X stockrom

Take a backup of your parsonal data before flash.
all data is deleted after flash.Whenever a thing is wrong, this
helps to recover the personal data

below the direct link to download stockrom (firmware) file from google driver or oneclouddriver or ....
stockrom contains flash tools , driver and tutorials ...

Download :

CPU MT6582 9002X

SP Flash Tool + HOW TO

Mobile Upgrade S 4.2.0 Setup [ALCATEL PIXI 3 (7) 3G]

1. Install Mobile Upgrade S 4.2.0 Setup.exe,
to install drivers for your Pixi 3G tablet
2. Unzip CPU_MT6582_9002X.rar in the root directory on your computer (for example-> C:CPU_MT6582_9002X)
3. Unzip the SP Flash Tool v5.1640+HOW TO.rar (for example-> C: \SP Flash Tool v5.1640+HOW TO or C: \Program Files (x86)SP Flash Tool v5.1640+HOW TO)
4. Start flash_tool.exe from SP Flash Tool v5.1640+HOW TO folder
5. Add the files as shown in the screenshot SP FLASH TOOL-HOW TO
6. Uncheck PRELOADER (ONLY!) before pressing the Download button
7. Click Download button
8. Press and hold POWER and VOL + SIMULTANEOUSLY!
9. Connect the tablet to your computer with USB/MicroUSB cable, still pressing the buttons POWER and VOL +
Once the bottom bar was filled entirely red, QUICK release the POWER and VOL +
10. If you've followed the procedure correctly will begin flashing the firmware.
The bottom bar must filled entirely yellow – be patient!
If everything is OK, the program itself will end flashing for about 3-5 minutes and show you,
that is successful.
11. Disconnect the tablet from the computer and run it.
The first start takes at least 6-8 minutes, wait for it patiently!
S.S.L. 09.12.2016

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